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Project Description


Shopping & relax


Space planning will provide new, adaptable pedestrian areas that can accommodate different events (shows, fairs, space for sporting activities), will be established as a space that will function as commercial area, as tourism attraction, social and linking  areas with the unconnected urban spaces from a pedestrian point of view (Trade Union House, Radu Stanca National Theater, historical monuments located in the area).

Habermann Markt can host and can be the ideal place for organizing events, shows, concerts or themed fairs.

The area is located in the southern part of the old center of Sibiu and it is an area with a high urban potential, and a favorable position for urban investments. This is included in the urbanism regulation in the Category of use – Commercial Destination.

The land on Beraria Street no. 4 occupies the same plot on which it was built in the second half of the 19th century the former Habermann Brewery.

Types of Modules

5 × 5 m, Surface: 25 sqm

5 × 10 m, Surface: 50 sqm

        * Separate utilities – electricity, water, sewer

        * Facilities – air conditioning and heating, internet access

Module features

– layered laminated wood structure

– aluminum joinery with double glazed windows

– side closures and roof; heat insulating panels

– easy assembly and handling

Number of modules

57 pieces:

         – 31 modules with 25 sqm surface

         – 26 modules with 50 sqm Surface